First of all, we hope that everyone has had a nice summer!
The goodie bags with the listening calendar, which I brought along last month, have been well received, I'm glad everyone is so excited about it!

Coronavirus, singing lessons and piano lessons from August 17

In the meantime, a lot has changed in the Netherlands. A few weeks ago there were hardly any infections and now the line is shooting up again and suddenly there are a lot of infections again. For this reason, all singing lessons and piano lessons will still only be taught online. This also applies to young pupils. We think it is smart and responsible to think about each other and to exclude risks. Singing has proved very catalizing in recent weeks, now that the aerosol research has continued, and therefore forbidden in an indoor space, also with screens.

At the end of July, people have already indicated that they would rather take online lessons anyway. That's nice, because that means that the online lessons have pleased everyone in the last few months!

The value of online singing lessons and piano lessons

Online piano lessons and singing lessons are as common in many countries, such as the United States, where distances are great, as they are in a studio or at home. In the meantime, there is so much online teaching material that the online lessons are more efficient, complete and practical. Online piano lessons or singing lessons is definitely a full teaching experience, both educational and social. I took many webinars and courses for online piano lessons and singing lessons and bought an infinite amount of teaching material for online piano lessons and online singing lessons. For the singing lessons I have also made power points around various themes, and there is online teaching material that I have developed myself (with login codes). Also, with the second camera, there is a perfect image on the keys, making pre-playing more visible to the pianists and zoom has improved the sound quality and image quality even more, making it look like you are together in the same room!

I would like to give a few extra tips for online piano lessons and singing lessons:

  • It is preferable, not to learn on a phone, then you can not see and hear me and the teaching material properly. A laptop, Ipad, PC or Chromebook are perfect!
  • Get a good internet connection.
  • Lesson also from the app and not from the website, in the app there are lots of options to make it better and easier.
  • Get some light from before, so I can see your face and we can look each other in the eye.

I also teach teachers at the Conservatory and private teachers and music schools. Teachers are welcome for online teaching training, which can address technical, educational, social and internet-technical aspects.

I wish everyone a good time to class and look forward to seeing everyone again!