Recommended Recourses

Because I spend a significant amount of time creating music, performing, using sheet music, music gear and creating my online programs, I thought it would be a good idea to create a page that lists all of the different resources that I recommend! Keep in mind that I will continue to add to this page in an effort to give you the best resources possible.

Master the Art of Singing: A very complete Vocal Technique Course

My signature course on vocal technique is almost ready! In tens of video lessons and pdf’s, you will learn all about vocal technique. In (I dare say!) the most extensive vocal exercises library of hundreds of vocal exercises on video and podcast, you can practise every day with guidance and accompaniment on the grand piano! As a student, you will be able to join the Master Classes, where you can get online coaching for an audience, or watch them. Finally, in the Q&A sessions, you will be able to ask anything that troubled you in the course. I have studied Musical Theatre and Classical Singing, but I teach singers of all kinds of styles. The course covers all basic, foundational topics as well as all the advanced skills a professional singer should have.

New Zenler, the ultimate platform for online courses!

The absolute best all-in-one platform to host your online courses: New Zenler!
DEAR TEACHERS… I know that a lot of you wish to create their online course. I cannot say enough about New Zenler! After having spent years searching on the internet, comparing many, and even trying out Kajabi, Thinkific & Teachable, this platform is by far the most handy, international, and complete. If you want to try it out against the still crazy low price, you can use my invitation link and be one of the founding members. There is a nice FB group where everyone helps each other out, no more waiting for support mails, it is all so handy! See the advantages over the competitors in the matrix that I share in my blogpost on New Zenler.

Interact Quizzes

I love to get to know my students, and with these quizzes, that have beautiful templates, I can easily make quizzes with my own questions. I especially helpful in the case of getting to know the students that want to take the online courses.
Although we have regular meet-ups in Q&A webinars and Master Classes, I find it useful to send out a quiz about a certain topic in a mail or on the website, to be able to prepare better for the Q&A’s and Master Classes. I use the quizzes to find out where my students stand in their technical development, what their biggest struggles are, what topic they would love to have covered, etcetera. And, as a puzzle freak myself, it is so much fun making the quizzes!

Tomplay Interactive Sheet Music

With Tomplay, a tool created for music teachers and music students, you can play along with real recordings by professional musicians. It is very handy, you can set loops to practise a few bars (YES! my students know how much I wish for them to study in loops!), you can set the tempo and you can read where you are in the sheet music. If you wish to get 20% discount on this wonderful tool, follow this link:

Cloud86: The fast, WordPress Managed Website Hosting

After years of frustration with providers that had bugs, had servers that were down all the time, that only provided chat-support, that couldn’t care, that always blamed it on WordPress, I found a hosting company that actually has no down time, that delivers good customer service (over the phone, with no waiting lines!), and… offer WordPress Managed Hosting. No more stress with website problems, but actual help in the backend of your WordPress site, for just a little extra. I really love these cool “Friese” guys, no more technical stress!

Thomann Music Store

I am not only blessed with a wonderful in-house studio with great acoustics, but I have a great arsenal of sound equipment. For instance my studio (Cubase, microphones, music stands, mic screens, speakers…) but also gear for concerts. I always love the friendly and knowledgeable customer service of Thomann. I trust them and their products and can wholeheartedly recommend them!

Scribd. Sheet Music Subscription 

Including one million titles. Scribd hosts 60 million documents on its open publishing platform. It is my go-to app (on my Ipad Pro) for finding sheet music. The great thing about Scribd is that you can find many vocal and piano books that otherwise would be hard to find. I read out of the app, or download it to Forscore to be able to make notes. 

Van Kerkwijk Piano’s in Amstelveen

My parents once bought their piano’s there, and the mahogany upright Yamaha is still in fantastic shape! Now I own a grand piano as well, but the clear and still in tune without any special requirements other than being tuned twice a year. If you live in Amstelveen, you will surely get good service from Frank, the owner, especially if you tell him that I sent you. Have fun trying out all their fantastic instruments!


Not A, but A flat? No problem. As it is so important to sing in the key, that suits your voice type. And of course I can easily transpose by hand, there are moments where it can be time-saving to just push a button and let the app do the transposing for you. E-Chords does just that. It features lyric sheets (text and chords) for thousands of songs and makes a prima vista accompaniment on the piano or guitar so much easier and I hope you will have fun playing the piano while you sing!

Click on the image left to go to E-Chords!