I would love to tell you something about my need, to mean something to people, animals, children, the elderly, the disabled and the environment. I hope that I also inspire others to be part of a movement that, without belonging to a certain group, wants to make and keep the world more beautiful.

The Causes of My Heart

As a child I learned the importance to always mean something to others and how important it is to contribute something to the world. Love for nature was something very natural and I have great respect for my mother, who, as the oldest politician in the Netherlands, devoted herself to minorities and the elderly until she was 86.
My childhood consisted of bird watching, nightly quests for spotting owls, taking in a neglected parrot, many stray cats, taking a German Shephard dog with me from Spain, helping with the shelter of stray cats in Puerto Rico and working as a volunteer at Stichting AAP, the Monkey Foundation, Elephant Nature Park, campaigning against trophy hunting in Africa, organizing concerts and music afternoons in institutions for the elderly and disabled, to organizing the annual benefit concerts now, with my students and other artists. I am also often asked to perform for charities such as Orange Babies and the World Wildlife Fund.
As a singer, pianist, with orchestra, solo, performing, organizing and of course “behind the scenes”, I get so intensely excited about these kinds of projects.

Every year I organize a benefit Christmas concert with my students. The money from the ticket sales, the extra donations in cash and sometimes in kind, all went to the causes I choose, because they are dear to me and I want to do something for them!

Which Charities?

Organizations, of which I believe that the money ends up well! These are, for example, organizations that I got to know during travels, such as Elephant Nature Park, but also foundations and organizations closer to home, such as the Animal Shelter, Organizations for the elderly, the Alzheimer Foundation, or a foundation of a Dutch person who has set up an orphanage abroad.
Please click on the links to find out more about these charities or, better, make a donation yourself:

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

In 2016 I made a tour throughout Thailand and I came into contact with this organization, who take care of these gray good-natured giants after a life full of hard work, abuse and loneliness. After lying in the rain with an elephant in the river, I had noticed how especially gentle these animals are, despite their hard existence, often with many horrors. Its founder, Lek Saengduean Chailert, now has a large area in Thailand with an ever-growing group of elephants, often old, sometimes orphaned, often blind, beaten, lonely or deaf. It is heartwarming to see how she and her many volunteers, many of whom are transient travelers like us, do everything they can to offer these noble animals a last safe haven. In 2013, I raised so much money at a benefit concert for my students that we “adopted” two elephants for a year, plus a contribution to the reconstruction of some indoor enclosures. More information, visit the website of Elephant Nature Park. 

Stichting Bal Anand, India

One of the charity concerts was for Bal Anand, who built a care farm for handicapped stray and orphaned children in Bombay, India. The proceeds of this student concert and part of the proceeds of the singing holiday, which I organized to France in 2010, went to this charity. Also (the children of) my youngest students donated stuffed animals (see photos). Do you also want to mean something to these children? Look at news for more info about this concert or at links to find out more about this fantastic project!