Professional vocal lessons for every style and singer

in an inspiring studio with piano, grand piano and recording studio

“A bird does not sing because it has an answer.

It sings because it has a song”

Chinese Proverb

Whether you are a student, a professional singer, or a theatre actor, understanding vocal technique and learning to use your voice the correct way will give you the vocal freedom every singer yearns for!


Sing not with karaokes, but with live accompaniment at the grand piano.


Make a vocal recording during your lesson in the relaxed and professional studio with top mics

Online lessons

Learn with vocal video lessons and master classes, weekly webinars & Q&A’s, and join our community!


Perform live for friends on the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands, be part of our yearly charity christmas concert!

Vocal lessons in Amstelveen & online all over the world

For fifteen years already I have the greatest job in the world: helping all kinds of singers in my studio in Amstelveen and online from all over the world learn to use their voice in a healthy way, so they can sing with freedom, joy and without fear.

  • Singers that want to get a good vocal techique or improve it
  • Musical theatre singers or band singers who want to improve their performance
  • Graduates from a singing school who want to refresh their technique or learn a new style
  • Conservatory students who wish to have extra lessons in solfège, breathing technique, etc.
  • Young singers and singers who aim to enter a conservatory or theater school
  • Band or choir members
  • Speakers, singers and actors with voice problems

In addition to knowledge from my own training, I also apply elements from the Complete Vocal Technique, Estill’s Voice Training, Alexander technique, Buteyko breathing method, and Lax Vox.

In the first lesson, a voice test is taken to determine your voice type. We look at what kind of voice you have (alto-mezzo-soprano or bass-baritone-tenor) and what your range is and what your voice timbre is, so that your repertoire sings what suits your voice type. We also look at what you can achieve with the singing lessons. It is therefore not a talent test.

Piano accompaniment

In the studio you will be accompanied on a Yamaha upright piano or on my grand piano by myself. It is not necessary to bring sheet music or chords, I can look up most music on my iPad and read the sheet music from there. You may also use my very large and fairly exclusive orchestral backing tapes (with the exception of some custom-made tapes). This means that there are many titles available for each student, and that practice can be done at home. This applies to all styles, including almost all classical pieces. If it does not exist, I would also be happy to record the accompaniment for you, in the right key!
We do use backing tapes sometimes, before we dive into analyzing the song at the piano.
It is allowed to record the lesson on a voice recorder or mobile phone for home use.

Study material

There is a ton of study material available. The knowledge of the singing voice and vocal technique is partly conveyed on the basis of visual material, such as PDFs, short PowerPoint presentations, and so on.

Recording studio

Furthermore, the studio has a professional recording studio where you can record a song, at no cost. The mixing is done during class time. The accompaniment can be piano, but also orchestral/backing tapes. The beautiful and well-furnished studio is fully equipped, inspiring and overlooks the beautiful garden. Each lesson is complete, inspiring and educational.


Songs, aria’s, crossover
(classic to pop)

Musical Theatre

Andrew Lloyd Webber to Broadway belting

Pop & Jazz

Lady Gaga to Michael Bublé, Fitzgerald to PMJ


Songs from all over the world: chansons to latin