I find it very important to share my terms and conditions in a clear and honest way. Although they are less strict than other music schools, I would like to kindly ask you, for a pleasant relationship, to read the terms and conditions below. Thank you!

Lesson Subscriptions

In most parts of the weeks, I only teach students with a lesson subscription. With a lesson subscription you come to lessons weekly or fortnightly (or another fixed schedule that we both agree upon) at a fixed time and day. You pay in terms of four or ten weeks, every six months or every year. There is a tacit renewal as long as no cancellation is made. The subscription is not a “lesson card”, you pay in terms and the contract is renewed if you don’t cancel the subscription at least two months before the new term starts.

Notice Period

If you wish to stop your lesson subscription, you must let us know in writing, so by email (ask for a confirmation of receipt when sending) or by registered letter, subject to a notice period of two months. If a new term starts during the notice period, then that term must also be paid in full. Refunds are not possible under any circumstances. It is also not allowed to use the two allowed lesson cancellations per year lessons during the notice period.

Cancelling your subscription

Registering for a subscription by making an appointment and payment or by using the registration form via the Internet is a so-called “Remote Purchase”. You have the right to dissolve the agreement without giving reasons for 14 calendar days after taking out the subscription. After this, no right to dissolution applies without observing the notice period of two months.
There is also no right to dissolution without a notice period if the lessons have already started before the 14 day period has expired. An appeal to dissolution must be made in writing (by email with proof of receipt or by registered letter, click here for the address). The date and time of receipt are decisive. Refund of tuition fees is not possible. To comply by law, I provide you with a sample letter here, but a letter with your name, cancellation wish and date is in fact enough.
The subscription has been entered into with a lesson and payment frequency agreed between the teacher and the student, with a tacit renewal between the terms. If one forgets to fill in the form, the payment of the invoice, in which the notice period is communicated, is regarded as acceptance of the conditions and notice period. This of course does not apply to the trial lesson

Single Lessons

The cancellation period does not apply to single lessons. If you want to take single lessons, the lesson appointments are preferably made at the end of the lesson, so don’t forget your agenda. This is to prevent frequent back and forth emailing. Single lessons can be taken on weekdays before 3 p.m. or in the evenings. On weekdays between 3 and 6 pm and on Saturdays, in principle, only students with a lesson subscription can be placed. Single lessons can only be planned here if space is available. Please contact us to see the possibilities. Thank you!

Cancellling a lesson

Cancellation of the lesson is free of charge, provided that no later than 48 hours in advance and a maximum of twice a year (from the date that one attends the first lesson), by email. In all other cases, the lesson will be charged (also a trial lesson or single lesson). If the student cannot follow the lesson due to (infectious) disease, but the student feels well enough to follow the lesson from home, the lesson can take place online with Zoom, if asked for at the latest of 6 p.m. the night before. Rescheduling a lesson to a later moment during the week is only possible in exceptional cases (determined by the teacher on a case-by-case basis) and is not a right. But if possible, it will be accommodated.

Rate changes

The rates are increased annually, in accordance with inflation and /or market forces. This will be communicated in a timely and clear manner on the website. However, we will never oblige you to continue the subscription at the new rate. You may then continue the subscription with the cancellation period at the old rate until the end of the last term. You are still always obliged to indicate your cancellation in good time (i.e. within two months in which the invoice will appear).

Cancellation of a lesson by the teacher

If a lesson or more has to be canceled due to illness or force majeure of the teacher, an attempt will be made to provide a replacement. If replacement is not possible, the lessons will be postponed until the teacher is able to work again. Of course, you are not charged for this lesson.

Liability and damaging of property

Irene de Raadt is not liable for injury to the student sustained during or on the road to class. Irene de Raadt is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property of a student’s properties, including bicycles. The student is expected to use the sound equipment and piano for which they are intended and to treat them as if it were his or her property. Damage to the piano’s, sound equipment and/or interior or exterior of the studio or car of the teacher resulting from improper use will be recovered from the student or parent/guardian of the student. (Please do not park your bicycle next to my car, it will fall, park it for instance next to the tree).

Lesson times

Monday to Thursday 9 am-7pm, Friday 9 am-3pm, Saturday 9 am-6pm. In the evenings: in consultation.
Class time includes entry and exit. There is no waiting area. Even if there are no other students, you are kindly requested not to ring the bell before class time.

Rules regarding Corona

All students are allowed to choose whether they want to follow the lessons online or in the studio again. Please note that if a lockdown is again set by the government, all classes will be online until it is safe again. Online lessons are seen as equally valuable. Of course, if there is no lockdown, classes can be in the studio. But please don’t come:

  • if you are sick
  • if you have corona. Please wait the advised amount of days after recovery until you come to the studio.
  • if someone around you had corona
  • piano students wash their hands and the piano keys are wiped off after each student.

In addition to the terms on this page, the corona-protocol is effective too: click here

Lesson payments

All lessons must be paid in advance. Single lessons are only confirmed after payment. Subscription payments: cash or by bank, but always before the start of the first class of that period.


Communication about the content of the lessons takes place during the lesson. Information about holidays, cancellations, etc., can be found on the website. Only in the event that a question cannot wait for the next lesson or a cancellation, you can email us at info@irenederaadt.com. If you need an urgent telephone consultation that cannot wait for the lesson, you can indicate this by email. I will call you as soon as possible, provided it is something that cannot wait until the lesson. Please do not app or sms or contact me on social media about the lessons. If you wish to telephone, please do respect office hours. Thank you!

Vocal and piano workshops

For the workshops, the registration may be canceled up to 14 days after registration (Remote Purchase), after that this is not possible. If the workshop is given within 14 days after payment, it cannot be canceled.

Gift Cards

are valid for 3 months. Furthermore, the same conditions apply to a number of gifted lessons as for the subscriptions (cancellation and fixed day and time) minus of course the cancellation period.

Lessons during school holidays

One is allowed, but does not have to take a lesson. We adhere to the school holidays of the Amstelveen-Noord region, which are listed here.

Portrait right

Students automatically agree to the use, including publicity purposes, of photo and audio /video material of activities in which students of Irene de Raadt participate audibly and / or visibly. For example: student concerts, group lesson activities, workshops, studion recordings.

If you object to this automatic agreement, you must notify us in writing when registering. If you fail to do so, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement after publication. If you object in a timely manner, we will make every effort during student concert registrations to comply with your request, but we can never guarantee that you will not be visible in the group photos and videos.
You cannot object to the publication of recordings made in the recording studio.
Of course, we will not take photos or videos of you in the privacy of the private lessons, without you permission.

Intellectual and industrial property

It is not permitted, in any way, to copy, reproduce, disclose or exploit acts, studio recordings (both by Irene and students), websites (both content and layout), system designs, teaching and working methods, advice, training, courses, workshops, (model) contracts and other intellectual products of Irene de Raadt. All of this is protected by the Dutch Copyright Act and in case of infringement with this act, legal procedures will be put into action, resulting in fines and compensation.
This is also applicable to www.irenederaadt.com and www.mastertheartofsinging.com.
Both websites are change logged and the content is kept in depot with a notary and content and ideas are also registered with the BIOP.

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