Methods tailored to each student

Every student is a unique individual and deserves a lesson, tailored to his or her needs. It is therefore that I use many various methods, including Alfred’s Basic Piano Library, Piano Adventures, Carol Matz Interactive Piano Method, and the books of my dear friend Forrest Kinney, and many more English books and games. A whole lot of my own material, including arrangements of well-known classical pieces, piano games I invented, improvisation exercises, and of course pop and jazz chords! After my training in Classical and Popular piano (musical, pop, accompaniment, classical) I have had many years of experience and have further immersed myself in the pedagogy of teaching. Of course there is homework, but the lessons are varied, with extra material in the form of exercises, improvisation exercises and extra pieces that are not in the book and that are a lot of fun!
I love helping people of all ages learn how to play the piano! I have one prerequisite: that you study regularly. It is only with practice, that one can obtain something. The playing will then be pure fun!

Themes in the piano lesson

  • Solfège (reading notes)
  • Playing technique and posture
  • Aural skills & interval recognition
  • Harmony (circle of fifths and fourths)
  • Music theory & rhythms
  • Music history & repertoire
  • Improvising on a theme or chord progression
  • Quatre mains / playing together
  • Arranging (playing a song in different ways)
  • Playing well-known classical and pop repertoire
    (first in an easier key and / or arrangement)
  • Chords and Voicings
  • Accompanying vocalists
  • Composing (also for young pianists!)
  • Preparation for entrance exams for conservatories and piano exams, such as the ABRSM exams
  • and much more

Educational and fun

My goal is to create a complete learning experience by explaining the difficult in a comprehensive way, which leads to musical development. Some students want to play  classical, others pop or jazzy music, I take this into account within the learning themes. I have a warm relationship with all students, who have been taught for years. A good relationship is at the heart of learning!

Student (charity) concerts

Of course there are student concerts organized, which are very motivating and a great experience for the self-confidence of the students. For instance in Orangerie Elswout. This year it was even an online concert, and again for charity!

Online pianoles and in studio

Since the pandemic, I have been teaching online also, to people in all kinds of countries. Online lessons and its’ incredible benefits are a few of the most surprisingly positive experiences in this difficult period. Everyone really liked it. A few examples: I can demonstrate a song with difficult parts via a second (overhead) camera, where the fingering is clearly visible. which can also be recorded and sent over email. We can look each other in the eye via the front camera and I even have a camera to bring the pedal work into the same view as the keys and the sheet music. You can find more information about the benefits of taking piano lessons online on this page.

Piano studio

I teach from my home studio. Here I have a beautiful, well-tuned Yamaha upright and grand piano in an attractive room in a sunny conservatory (pictures of the studio can be found here).

Currently, all classes are online because of  Corona. This will remain an option after the pandemic is over.

Requesting a trial lesson

To request for a trial lesson, mail to info@irenederaadt.com.
If there is space available, you can follow a single lesson in the studio or online. We will in that case send the login codes and a clear checklist with images of the settings after payment. As a result, everything is set in five minutes for a full lesson with clear sound and image.


We are very happy with Irene de Raadt as a piano teacher. She guides our 13-year-old daughter through her high school music assignments with great pleasure and enthusiasm. Our daughter has never gone to piano lessons with such pleasure. Irene’s expert guidance and commitment ensures that everything now falls into place. Irene always tries to find a place for urgent assignments.

Ylva Gort-Kochheim

Irene has been teaching our son piano for over a year now. He was only 5 years old at the start, but Irene knew how to guide him so positively and with peace of mind that he played with concentration and a lot of fun. Wonderful to see how she inspires and makes him enthusiastic! (Meanwhile the other son is also in class)

Sharon van der Aa


Our daughter has been taking piano lessons from Irene since 2015. Irene is an enthusiastic and empathetic piano teacher, who adapts the tempo and teaching method to the student. Warmly recommended!

Dignus Hoen


 The party last Saturday was a great success and our song (Your Song – Elton John) was really well received. Thanks for the lessons!

Nick and Jesse Bergsma