Dear people,

I worked all day yesterday and the day before yesterday to create a studio for the online singing lessons and piano lessons and am very happy with the result!

Studio for online lessons
The mission: a practical, beautiful, new, sunny and all-envisaged, "virtual" classroom. The conservatory has become a beautiful place to give fine lessons on the wing.

Monitor, mouse, keyboard, two cameras, boxes etc moved to the conservatory. Wing moved. Lighting purchased. New mouse with cord, extension cord, extra box, extra long hdmi cord for the monitor (sold out in five stores! 😊), 2 extension cords for the webcams, which I had was too short and I can now throw away. Reflection screen to prevent backlight in the greenhouse. Dress under the wing so as not to bother the neighbors too much. To type this mail I had to put monitor and mouse and keyboard back at my normal workplace, because fast typing is not possible from behind the wing. Forever video-calling with daughter to choose the best app to stream the lessons. Also terrible laughs in it!

It's been a hilarious, exhausting, but also fun experience! It's always nice (and a bit my "thing") to roll up your sleeves and take on a new challenge. After all, I hope that I can of course continue to do my job and take care of my child and fixed expenses… I am very honest about that, and that is what is concerning to me, as do many of you. All my concerts have been cancelled for the next few months.

What an exciting time but also an opportunity to learn new things together! Fortunately, a number of students do not abandon me and start taking classes online. How wonderful, thanks!

The best app: ZOOM
I mentioned earlier that I was working on figuring out which app is better. Zoom surprised me with the – unlike Skype – incredibly easy operation, the great video and audio quality and the extra possibilities (sharing sheet music, sending homework, showing attachments and illustrations right away to the student).

Use of Zoom
e good news: You don't have to do (almost) at all. Click on the link in the email I send. Follow the instructions (click a few times) and you can wait for me in the "classroom" before. I'll be there at the appointed time.

And also place the Ipad, Laptop, or phone on a seat next to you (piano) or in front of you (vocals).

Sign up for Zoom: 

I wish you lots of singing and piano-playing fun!

Warm greeting,