Corona protocol for singing and piano students

Dear all, I hope you are well! Good news: from June 28th, trial lessons are allowed in the studio again! And from August 1st, all lessons are allowed in the studio again.  Many students prefer online lessons though, because these lessons are equally good. Online always remains possible! And you may always alternate in person lessons with online lessons, too.

General RIVM guidelines

  • Adults keep 1,5 meters away from each other
  • Hands are washed often and well: before every lesson, after arrival, both piano and singing lessons
  • Don’t touch door handles or other things if possible
  • Don’t shake hands
  • Coughing  or sneezing (no online class in that case, but in case of a one-time tickle:) in the elbow
  • We don’t touch our face
  • Students stay at home if they (or someone from their family) have complaints and are tested. The lesson must ALWAYS be taken online! in case of doubt!

The RIVM guidelines also prescribe hygiene measures. That means that in my studio is available:

  • soap (when washing hands, do not touch the soap dispenser, it has a sensor)
  • paper towels to dry hands
  • surface sprays
  • desinfecting hand gel

I kindly ask everyone to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Do not come to the lesson in person with health complaints. Preferably let me know the day before the lesson. You can then follow the lesson online. If you do not want to take the class online at that time. the normal rules regarding cancellation apply and if admittance is prohibited by the teacher, the lesson will be charged.
  • If the student gets Covid, or anyone in the household of the student, we request that you report this as soon as possible. Also if this is detected after the lesson. I will then notify all other students.
  • Do not enter my home studio until class starts, after the previous student has left the studio. Don’t come too early and don’t stay longer than necessary. Waiting for people to pick up the students should be done outside. Collectors in the rain: be on time! <3
  • Students enter the building independently, without supervisors.
  • Please go to the toilet at home beforehand, unfortunately my toilet and the student toilet are not available for safety reasons.
  • Students can hang their coat on the designated coat rack in the hall. Immediately walk to the sink and then to the piano and keep 1,5 meters away, both in the hallway and in the classroom.
  • Before playing the piano and singing, disinfect your hands again with disinfectant.
  • Always follow the directions of the teacher and other residents and respect my home situation and the safety of other students
  • In case of crowds at the door, wait until it is quieter, give each other space. Outbound traffic has priority.
  • Do not open the doors yourself, the teacher opens and closes the doors, except for the studio front door, you may open this yourself in order to give you space.
  • If necessary, the student waits as short as possible outside the studio at an appropriate distance from the door and from others. Don’t ring the bell too early! It is a small and courtious thing to look at the time when ringing the door bell. Coming early isn’t “polite”, but distracts the student before you.
  • During this period, print out the lyrics and sheet music for yourself at home in advance. This to use the class time efficiently
  • Don’t forget your materials: your own folder, texts, sheet music, books! Books cannot be borrowed due to hygiene.
  • The studio is cleaned regularly and the frequency is increased where necessary
  • The teacher carries out a health check at the start of each lesson according to the guidelines of the RIVM. Students with health complaints cannot be admitted to the studio, if in doubt follow the lesson online. If a student nevertheless reports with cold symptoms, the lesson cannot take place and the lesson cannot be made up and is at the expense of the student (unfortunately this also applies in the hay fever season, sneezing, coughing, runny nose are never allowed in the studio).
  • There is currently no coffee/tea served in the studio. Students are allowed to bring a drink from home and drink it in the studio.
  • The recording studio is not in use until further notice.
  • A vaccination certificate is to be provided for all adult students and parents or care takers of young students. The coronatest has to be taken in the studio, an old test is not valid. 
  • Do not pet our pets (red cats), even outside.