Dear students,

Luckily, the corona pandemic is a lot better now and there are less governmental rules!
All students are welcome in my home studio. But… please keep the following rules in mind!

Basic rule: Do not come to class if you have one or more of the following complaints:

  • Cough or sneeze or
  • have a runny nose or
  • have an increase or
  • you have been in contact with someone who is sick (corona or flu or has a cold without being tested) or
  • you no longer smell or taste anything or
  • you don’t feel well: headache or sore throat or general malaise
  • you have been in the same room for at least 15 minutes with someone that has tested positive

You can take this class online if you feel good enough!  The only condition is that I need to know at the latest 9 A.M. of the day of the lesson. This, because I need to arrange the monitor, lamps, camera’s et cetera to be ready for the online lesson. If it isn’t possible to let me know in advance, then it is seen as a cancellation, you may cancel twice a year (see the rules about cancellations under “terms and conditions”).

Please perform an official corona test. If you have tested positive again, you are welcome in the studio. The following rules apply then:

General guidelines

  • Hands should be washed well before class, after arrival for piano students.
  • Don’t shake hands
  • Cough or sneeze (not, because online class in that case, but in case of a one-time tickle 🙂 in the elbow
  • Try to not touch your face, if possible (especially piano students, not so much for singers)
  • Students stay at home if they (or someone from their family) have symptoms. The lesson can always be folllowed online.

The RIVM guidelines also prescribe hygiene measures. That means that in my studio is available:

  • soap (when washing hands, do not touch the soap dispenser, it has a sensor)
  • paper towels to dry hands
  • surface sprays
  • disinfecting hand gel

Furthermore, I kindly ask everyone to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Do not come to the live lesson if you have any kind of (even one) health complaint. Preferably let us know the day before the lesson but at the latest 10 p.m.. You can then follow the lesson online. If you do not want to take the class online at that time. the normal rules regarding cancellation apply.
  • If there is a covid case in your household or with someone you have been in closed contact with, we request that you report this asap, so that we can take precoutions and inform the other students. Do not come to the lesson but follow the lesson online.
  • Do not enter my home studio until class starts, after the previous student has left the studio. Don’t come too early and don’t stay longer than necessary. Waiting for people to pick up the students should be done outside.
  • Students enter the building independently, without supervisors.
  • Please go to the toilet at home beforehand, if possible.
  • Students can hang their coat on the designated coat rack in the hall. Immediately walk to the classroom and keep a distance of 1.5 meters, both in the hallway and in the classroom.
  • Always follow the directions of the teacher and other residents and respect my home situation and the safety of other students
  • In case of crowds at the door: outbound traffic has priority.
  • Do not open the doors yourself, the teacher opens and closes the doors.
  • If necessary, the student waits outside the studio as short as possible at an appropriate distance from the door and from others. Please respect the other student’s time and don’t ring the bell too early!
  • During this period, print out the lyrics and sheet music for yourself at home in advance. This helps use the class time efficiently
  • Don’t forget your materials: your own folder, texts, sheet music, books! Books cannot be borrowed due to hygiene.
  • The studio is ventilated and cleaned regularly.
  • The teacher performs a health check at the beginning of each lesson according to the guidelines of the RIVM.
  • Students with health complaints cannot be admitted to the studio, if in doubt follow the lesson online. If a student nevertheless reports with cold symptoms, the lesson cannot take place and the lesson cannot be made up and is at the expense of the student (unfortunately this also applies in the hay fever season).
  • Do not pet our pets (red cats), even outside.
  • Bring your own pen and books and preferably write down the homework yourself.
  • When the studio has to temporarily close its doors, the classes are offered online
  • Classes will be continued during a possible lockdown as ‘ONLINE LESSONS’ (online or as a combination of online/video), on the same days and times. Zoom is used for online classes. All this in close consultation between teacher and student. A survey conducted among students of music schools shows that online lessons in combination with tailor-made video material are experienced as a good alternative.
  • It is not possible to stop lessons and get a refund if the lessons can no longer be given in the studio (temporarily). The regular notice period is always valid.
  • Online classes are an acceptable alternative should it be necessary to divert. If the teacher offers this as an alternative, you cannot claim a refund. The online classes comply with the guidelines for digital education, drawn up by the sector organization Cultuurconnectie.