Dear pupils,

I hope you are all well! The online singing lessons and piano lessons have gone well for everyone so far and it seems like everyone is already familiar with it. Thank you for your flexibility. 😊

Fortunately, there are fewer infections. Unfortunately, it is not yet the case that, because there is more space in the ICU, the virus is gone. Also, I see that people don't keep their distance. Also, everything has opened up at the same time rather than phased and there are warnings from the academic angle, which seems to be flouting the government. The spread of the virus in the next few weeks is therefore currently unknown.

On Tuesday 21 April, the State Government announced an extension of the measures for arts centres. This means that music schools are not allowed to open until 21 May. I think there will be another spike in the contagion curve in two weeks. Because playing the piano is also a contact profession, and singing (breathing!) of course also, I don't want to put you in a risky situation. The piano lessons and singing lessons will only be given online until 1 June. Until it is clear what the relaxation of measures does with the spread of the virus.

Fortunately, the online lessons turn out to be virtually equivalent to the live lessons and even have advantages! People have noticed this, because I have been able to welcome a number of new students during this period. Thank you for your trust!

Keep your distance, keep playing and singing and most importantly: stay healthy! ❤

Warm greeting,