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Visit the work performance Eve's rib at the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam with a special student discount for €15,-

As a visitor to Eve's rib you will not only see a beautiful performance, you will also get a look behind the scenes and even influence the making process. These versions of Eve's rib are so-called 'work performances'. A well-known concept in America and England, which means that as a visitor you see a complete piece, but things can change per performance. After each performance, the creators like to hear the opinions of visitors, who use them to keep improving Eve's rib. In short: the ideal performance for real theatre lovers!

In this stage adaptation of the film Adam's rib we dive into the relationship between men and women in 2020. A 'post-MeToo-middle-in-COVID-19' work performance, complete with Zoom, Facetime and audience participation!
Please note: This performance is played entirely in English.

Take your chance to get up close and awareness of how a performance comes about and give your opinion afterwards! For more information, check the website and buy your tickets immediately.

Eve's rib will be on display at DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam from 25 to 27 September.

Book your student discount cards via this link.

Happy to see you at DeLaMar Theater!