Coming Soon

Besides 1:1 lessons online and in the studio, soon there’ll be an Online Vocal Program!

Master the Art of Singing gives you the opportunity to develop your vocal technique in the privacy of your own home, in the time you want, and in your own pace.

  • Tens of video’s with step-by-step explanation about vocal technique
  • Over 200 vocal exercises on video and podcast, guided on the grand piano with instruction
  • Interviews with specialists
  • Biweekly online Q&A’s through Zoom
  • Biweekly online 0Master Classes for and by students through Zoom
  • Beautiful PDF’s to make your learning experience clear and structured
  • Launch  August/September 2021.

You can already have a look a look on the website (work in progress! ;-))!

August 2022, Master the Art Of Piano will also be available!

Want to know how much you know about Vocal Technique? Take the quiz and find out!