Dear students, dear people,

It's almost Christmas and that would normally mean that we give our annual christmas benefit concert in Orangerie Elswout or the Church of the Apostolic Society. However… due to the current measures, these and other locations are unable to accommodate us. But… where there is a will, there is a way and therefore there will be online Christmas concerts, in which all pupils can participate.

Two online benefit Christmas concerts

The different groups give an online concert separately via Zoom. You can invite everyone to watch via the link. So even distant family can attend the concert! The only quid pro quo is that they buy at least one entrance card per computer (more on that later).

The concert for the young pianists is on Friday 18 December at 16.30.
The concert for the adult pianists from the age of 21 and the singers (all of course from 16 years) is on Friday 18 December at 19.00.

The charity this year: the Italian dog shelter "Quelli di Nessuno"

In other words, "Those who belong to no one". A heartwarming shelter by a couple and their daughter, who really give everything to take care of the many dumped dogs in Calabria (southern Italy) and often give them a new home. Their Facebook page and their website can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/quellidinessuno/ and here: http://quellidinessunoditonyelaura.it/. It would be great, if you all participated, after all, the theme of Christmas is also "giving", and it is of course a wonderful example for the young musicians, if you also participate in the benefit!

Entrance tickets

Anyone who wants to come and enjoy this special and atmospheric Christmas concert, buys at least one ticket as a ticket (this is also the "ticket"). Transfer the amount (10 euros per card) to: NL44ABNA0596410476 tnv Irene de Raadt. Clearly include your email address or the email addresses of your guests for which you paid, and the name of your pianist or singer.
You will then receive a link no later than Thursday 17 December, with access to the concert as well as the programme.

The Christmas concerts themselves

With the link one comes with one click in the concert, without having to download the app. For inexperienced "zoomers" a pleasant thought. If someone is going to play, that screen will be big, so you can see the musicians clearly. And... for the musicians: turn on "original sound", just like during class!

Knowledge quiz for the participants

In between performances, I will ask a number of questions, all about music and sometimes also about the pieces that are played or sung (listen carefully to the listening calendar I have received this summer!). At the end, the person who thinks he has all the questions is called "bingo!" (or keep a piece of paper with the word BINGO on it, because I will put everyone on "mute" most of the time, this is useful). That person then apps for a picture of his or her quiz card with his or her answers and the winner receives a nice prize. All participants will also receive a nice reminder of the concert.

If you are interested in attending these concerts, please feel free to contact us. The concerts, if I say so myself, will be very surprising and will bring you into the Christmas spirit!
Thanks in advance for your interest and maybe we will welcome you during one of these concerts!

Festive and musical greeting,
Irene de Raadt