The Annual Christmas Student Charity Concert

As usual, my students will give a beautiful Christmas concert, this time next Sunday, December 19 , 2021. This time we can again host it in the church of the Apostolic Society, which has been beautifully decorated by them for the occasion.

Programm with variety

The piano students will play on a beautiful, large Yamaha grand piano. Everyone has been studying hard for the concert in the last few weeks in piano class and at home. This time the program is very varied, from Bach to blues and jazz, but above all classical.
Unfortunately, half of the concert, which was planned between 5 and 7 pm, where the adult students would play, had to be canceled because we were not allowed to stay in church after 5 pm due to the corona measures. These students will still perform in the spring concert.

Finally: not online, but live, with friends and family!

Last year the Christmas concert was online, which was quite a challenge. But with Christmas jingles in between the performances, a game with questions about pieces that were on my listening calendar that I had made in the summer, it has almost become a full-fledged “Christmas broadcast” that could easily be appearing on TV!

But playing the piano and singing in front of an audience really has to be live, with each other, without the intervention of computers! And after such a long time, it’s great to finally be able to enjoy the music and the gathering of friends and family again!


Since we can play in church again, many pieces will also be played à quatre-mains by me with the student.

This Year’s Charity: Animal Shelter Amsterdam: Dieren Asiel Amsterdam (DOA)

Like every year, the proceeds of the tickets plus the extra donations in money and kind, go entirely to good cause. After supporting far-away charities such as Elephant Nature Park, Pegasus Foundation, Quelli Di Nessuno, Born Free Foundation, Bal Anand Foundation, and many more, this year I opted for a charity closer to home, which is  the Animal Shelter Amsterdam. With this money, the shelter will be able to take in more animals, and with the in-kind donations from the animals’ wish list, hopefully the animals will have some distraction. Would you also like to do something for the animals at Christmas? You can make your donation through the website, click here for the link.